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About us

From Israel with love, we are Dragon Path!
Coming from the proud land of Israel, Dragon Path is considered by many as one of the top advanced travel companies in Israel. We bring to the table all the creativity and outside the box ingenuity that you can expect from an Israeli company; travel sites that you’ll never find on the regular travel maps, luxury and unique boutique hotels, carefully crafted schedule, gastronomic experiences, precision machinary execution, and the authentic human encounters we all crave for when traveling to exotic destinations. 

To top it all, we as Israelis share the sensibilities of the Jewish traveler, celebrating our being with our people, sharing the culture, the customs, our Friday evenings and yes, even our own sense of humor. We preach for tolerance and inclusion of all different worldviews and adherence to religious practice. We honor and respect each one as a world unto himself (or herself), while creating as a group a whole that aims to be greater than the sum of its parts.

We realize that in the world we live in currently, traveling as a Jew can unfortunately get awkward at times. We can at times feel compelled to hide our identity, so as to avoid social unpleasentries. With us you can travel with ease, with pride of being able to be who WE are, embrace in knowing we are among our own, accepted for who we are without a question.  

Who We Are
Dragon Path was funded in 1998 by Yonatan (Jonathan) Glaubman, a 14 generation Israeli, raised in Israel and Boston, a product of Israel’s military intelligence. Having lived in Asia for an extended period during the 1990’s, he soon established himself as Israel’s No. 1 authority on China, the Silk Road and Asia in general. A reputaion that led to his selection as the leader and chief on-site producer to Israel’s TV most celebrated travel series to date, The Amazing Voyage of Aharoni and Gidi (Gov). 

Our French department is led by Muriel Zerbib, a native of Lyon, and a Hi Tech company manager that joined our team back in 2011. 

Operations and collection are all in-house, allowing us to strech our Total Management concept to all aspects of our tours, aiming to start the tour’s experience from the primary call to the farewell party.

Commitment to Excellence
All the above comes with our uncompromising commitment to excellence, our brand that has awarded us as Israel’s No. 1 Specialy Tours Company. For over 25 years, we have been touring and developing unique itineraies in well-known as well as lesser-known travel destinations. As part of this pledge of perfectionism, we guarantee that each and every destination, site and itinerary has beed road tested by us and our former groups. Every hotel bed, every dish in every meal have been approved on site by our team. 

We gurantee total transparency, revealing each and every item on our itinerary, and allowing for its customization for those interested. There are neither “hidden corners” nor any “hidden charges” so well-known in the tourism world. Excellence starts with our demands from ourselves. 

Jewish Travel 
During our lovg vayages all over the world, both with Israelis, as with our Jews from other countries, we have witnessed the joy and happiness that our group members experienced and shared, traveling together as Jews. Not only were they not apprehensive of extroverting their origins and culture, they found exultation in sharing the same humor, common cultural base and even laughing at the same jokes. The being together was at least as important as having experienced the tour they were in. It is there that Dragon Path shines, as those who bring together the concept of traveling like a local, while being happy you are among your own.

A point that needs to be cleared from the outset. Unfortunately at this time, we at Dragon Path do not organize Kosher tours. To an extent, we can make an effort for individual travelers on specific sites and dates, but to our regret, we do NOT engage in “Kosher Tours”. Our aim and goal is to allow Jewish people to travel together, enjoy being in an environment that allows us to feel better with ourselves being who we are. 

Knowing that practice has its different colors and levels of adherence, we do try and organize tours in which all will be welcomed with open arms, armed with the spirit of tolerance and mutual acceptance. We program Fridays and Shabbat to be stationary, without the need to travel during Shabbat. For the groups interested, we organize private rooms on Friday evening to allow for the Kiddush on Kosher wine we bring with us. We organize Challa and fish and vegetarian meals per requirement, and if possible, Kosher meals during Shabbat (Only when possible). 

Flexibility and Customizing
The tours you will find on our site are made specially for tour groups. Every tour can be customized to fit any size of group, to any itinerary, number of days, level of accomodation, amount of physical activity etc. Contact us for any desired customization of our published tours, or to any other destination your imagination desires.gastro

A Word from our Founder and CEO, Yonatan Glaubman

Over 25 years ago, I concluded a long period of living, studying, and working in China—a time that laid the foundation for my extensive travels in the East. I found myself drawn to the landscapes and unique people of the Orient throughout this period. Along the way, I explored the most remote and distant regions of Asia, met wonderful people, and discovered phenomena and views I never knew existed.

I could never forget the breathtaking sight of the grassy plains of Bayanbulak, the terraced rice fields of Yuanyang, the islands of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba, the enchanting landscapes of the Himalayan mountains, and the human encounter that resonates in the oases of the Taklamakan Desert, the nomadic yurts, and the remote villages of Vietnam and Myanmar.

I never understood how these majestic views never made their way onto the tourist maps for Western travelers.

From that moment, I felt that I had found my purpose in this world: to pass on the knowledge I had gained and share these wonderful places with my friends and those around me.

I started creating travel itineraries for friends who turned to me during my stay in those places. When I returned home after a few years, I naturally found myself working for one of the most reputable tourism companies in the country. I wanted to share the unique experiences I had during my travels in Asia and other parts of the world with my fellow travelers—the authentic encounters, and the unknown and stunning sites I visited. Unfortunately, these ideas did not resonate, and these special sites remained a secret, known only to a few adventurous souls willing to try new things beyond the familiar and conventional.

So, I left the secure position in a well-known tourism company to establish and set out on my own road. I worked tirelessly for years to refine and tailor Dragon Path’s itineraries to truly embody an ideology that aspires to blend two seemingly incompatible desires: an authentic journey that allows warm human encounters on one hand, and good, luxurious travel conditions that enable Western travelers to enjoy all the beauty without sacrificing comfort on the other.